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Combat Arts are special, equippable unlocks that override your basic melee attacks strings with unique animations and effects. Combat Arts also each provide a unique Skill in the Q Skillslot when no weapon or Mode overrides it. The effects Combat Arts' provide are maintained even when the fighting style is overridden (ex. Clone Combat's clones or Jokei Fist's Rotation). All fighting styles are purchased using RELLcoins.

The Combat Arts available in-game are as follows:

Combat Arts Icon Price
Basic Combat BasicCombat.png Default
Boxing Style Boxing.png 9,000
Clone Combat Clone.png 10,000
Jeet Kune Do Jeet Kune Do.png 12,000
Muay Thai Muay Thai.png 17,000
MMA MMA.png 16,000
Jokei-Fist JF.png 25,000 + 1/14 chance Boss drop
Toad Flame Spirit Fire Blender.png 25,000 + 1/14 chance Boss drop
Water Dragon Fist WaterBlender.png 25,000 + 1/14 chance Boss drop
Gravity Art RockBlender.png 25,000 + 1/14 chance Boss drop
Hurricane Fist AirBlender.png 25,000 + 1/14 chance Boss drop


Combat Arts menu and location on main menu

Combat Arts are fighting styles that change the user's idle animation, melee attack animation and their Q attack when no Weapon Ninja Tools are equipped.

Obtaining a Combat Art

In order to unlock or equip a Combat Art, open the menu in-game and click on the tab labelled "Martial" next to the Element slots.

Once the user is in the Combat Art menu, click on the tab labelled "Equip". Upon clicking this tab, a box with the Combat Art's icon, the RELL Coins needed to purchase it, and a tab labelled "Unlock" will appear on the right. The player can then press "Unlock" to unlock the Combat Art provided they have enough RELL Coins.

In order to unlock Combat Arts, RELL Coins are required. RELL Coins are obtained through playing the Arena, Arena X, Competitive, Conquest, and Dungeon Game Modes.