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The country covers a vast realm, but is significantly composed of deserts.

-Location Description

The Dunes Village, also known as Dunes as well as The Dunes Sovereignty, is one of the thirteen locations a player can currently spawn at in Shindo Life. It is also one of the six main villages.

Notable Locations

Dunes Village

The Dunes Village is a large desert village that contains several buildings made from clay and tall trees, surrounded by cliffs of rock, with passage in and out of the village restricted to a single narrow cleft between two cliff faces. There are also multiple pipeline-like structures within the village. Like most villages, the Dunes Village has an office, commonly known as the "Kazekage Office", where players can obtain Execute Missions and rank up. Around the Kazekage Office are several buildings and training logs.

Down the road leading to the Kazekage Office is a Ramen Shop, where players can restore their Hunger. Further down the road is the passage that leads outside of the village, which is followed by a yellow bridge.


To the left of the yellow bridge outside of the Dunes Village is the Dunes Village Arena, which resembles a white ceiling-less dome-like stadium that serves as a battleground for duels between players. It has a few rocks in it, and is encircled by a pipeline-like structure and three buildings.


In the outskirts of the Dunes Village is a lush green forest full of trees. A river runs through this forest, which divides the forest and the desert area the Dunes Village is located in.

Scroll Spawns

Name Image Requirements Rarity Spawn Time Detailed Location Location Image
Su Tailed Spirit Gen 1 LVL: [500]

CHI: [1,800]

RYO: [1,000,000]

1/25 1:10 TBA TBA
Su Tailed Spirit Gen 2 LVL: [500]

CHI: [1,800]

RYO: [1,000,000]

1/10 3:30 Outside of sand go past the arena and head forward-right until you find a bridge leading to an open area. SuLocation.png
Dunes Fate Spirit LVL: [999]

NIN: [4,999]

RYO: [4,000,000]

1/20 4:30 In the outskirts of the Dunes Village, near Firework Subjutsu DunesFateLocation.png
Heavenly Spirit SevenBreaths.png LVL: [330]

NIN: [1.400]

RYO: [500,000]

1/11 6:45 Can be found on the bridge leading to the Dunes Village. Sub-jutsuLocation(3).png
Chu Tailed Spirit LVL: [500]

CHI: [1,800]

RYO: [1,000,000]

1/10 7:10 Opposite side of Dunes Village on the far right corner at the closest edge of the forest. ChuLocation.png
Air Control LVL: [850]

NIN: [4,000]

RYO: [4,000,000]

1/25 7:15 Under a small arch in a mountain close to the Dunes Village. AirControlLocation.png
Puppet Platinum Halloween LVL: [800]

CHI: [5,000]

RYO: [1,800,000]

1/60 8:20 Next to the arena behind the tall rock. Sub-jutsuLocation(13).png
Mastered Rabbit Spirit LVL: [700]

NIN: [3,000]

RYO: [2,500,000]

1/35 8:20 In the corner of a mountain, near a large tree and a bridge outside of the Dunes Village. MasterRabbitLocation.png
Firework Subjutsu LVL: [850]

NIN: [4,000]

RYO: [4,000,000]

1/15 10:20 In the outskirts of the Dunes Village. FireworkSubLocation.png
Scarecrow Seal Halloween LVL: [900]

NIN: [5,000]

RYO: [2,000,000]

1/80 10:35 Following the logs to the right of the arena outside of Dunes Village. Sub-jutsuLocation(28).png

Name Image Requirements Rarity Spawn Time Detailed Location Location Image
Dunes Chi Blade DunesChiBlade.png LVL: [500]

TAI [2,500]

RYO [600,000]

1/25 1:25 AM/PM Next to a building above the Dunes Village's Ramen Shop. DunesBladeLocation.png
Electro Blade Sword of Thunder.png LVL: [800]

TAI [3,200]

RYO [270,000]

1/12 5:50 AM/PM On a building in the Dunes Village. ElectroBladeLocation.png
Air Style Fan Giant Folding Fan.png LVL: [440]

TAI [1,300]

RYO [70,000]

1/2 6:25 AM/PM Next to a house above and in front the Dunes Village ramen shop. AirFanLocation.png
Dagai Sword DagaiSword.png LVL: [600]

TAI [500]

RYO [160,000]

1/4 6:40 AM/PM In the gap of a mountain outside of the Dunes Village. DagaiSwordLocation.png
Gingerbread Man Gingerbread Man.png LVL: [350]

CHI [600]

RYO [50,000]

1/100,000 9:25 AM/PM On a mountain outside of the Dunes Village. GingerLocation.png

Name Image Rarity Obtain Method Requirements Spawn Time Detailed Location Location Image
Ailee Minakami AileeMinakami.png 1/10 Boss Mission TBA N/A N/A N/A
Menza Azarashi MenzaAzarashi.png 1/10 Boss Mission TBA N/A N/A N/A
Apollo Sabaku ApolloSabaku.png 1/10 Boss Mission TBA N/A N/A N/A
Garin Atomic GarinAtomic.png 1/10 Boss Mission TBA N/A N/A N/A
Ryuji Kenichi RyujiKenichi.png 1/10 Boss Mission TBA N/A N/A N/A
PTS Raion PTSraionCharacter.png 1/10 Story Mission 700,000 N/A N/A N/A
Pika Senko PikaSenkoC.png 1/10 Story Mission TBA N/A N/A N/A
Forged Akuma PTSForged.png 1/10 Story Mission TBA N/A N/A N/A
Ghost Azarashi GhostAzarashiC.png 1/30 Scroll Spawn RYO: [6,000,000] 3:10 AM/PM In the outskirts of the Dunes Village, near the Su Tailed Spirit. GhostCompanionLocation.jpg
Borumaki BorumakiCharacter.png 1/30 Scroll Spawn TBA 2:10 AM/PM TBA TBA


  • The original name of Dunes Village was Sand Village. It was later changed due to copyright issues.
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