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There are many game modes in Shindo Life.

They are to provide many different ways to play to accommodate players that prefer different experiences.

RPG Mode

RPG is the main game where you get to unlock tons of Sub-Abilities, modes, weapons and more. This game-mode focuses on leveling up by completing certain quests such as, boss missions, green scroll missions and star missions. While you are doing these missions, you will obtain various amounts of Ryo. With green scroll missions granting small amounts while boss Missions granting larger amounts. Different game-modes also grant different amounts of experience and Ryo. (Exp. War granting large amounts)

The more you level up the more you gain points, points can be used to increase stats such as Chi, Health, Mode, and Stamina. Once you reach level 1000 (max level) you are able to rank up. As stated, each time you rank up, your ranking will increase, but your level and stats will also reset. But, you get some stats to start off with so that missions aren't too hard. Each letter of prestige has 3 levels. (example: D-1, D-2, and D-3.) You first start off as F-0, but the more you prestige the higher letter grade you obtain. The higher level you become, the stronger you will be, as you will have a lot of skill points at your disposal. Some techniques require a certain level, stat requirement, and Ryo. (There is no max, after Z-3 it keeps going on like max-1, max-2, and max-3 )

This game-mode has something unique, at a certain time everyday items spawn around each world. (The game uses EST for time reference.) Although these items have a chance to spawn everyday, they can only be acquired by one person per server, except for scrolls that drop with a boss fight, which you can only obtain after beating said boss; these can be obtained by 3 people at once. Some examples of such scrolls are: Kor Tailed Spirit, or Dunes Fate Spirit. None of these scrolls are guaranteed to spawn, and the rarity for scrolls to spawn ranges from 1/2 to 1/500 for regular items. There is one item called Gingerbread Man with a 1/100,000 rarity that is used to bait hackers.

Story Mode

Story Mode is vastly different from all other game modes in the game, and is the most realistic "Naruto Experience". This mode requires you to be in the Closed Community, or CC in short.

To get in CC, one needs to apply when applications are released. So far, organizations have been removed and no longer exist.

Arena X Mode

Arena X is a competitive PvP gamemode that allows players to pit their characters against others using their original RPG movesets. This mode will grant decent amounts of experience for every round that you play. This game-mode requires a player to be Level 600 to enter.

In a normal Arena X match, this gives players a formal method of performing PvP, with some modes (such as Divination Spirit and Ryuji) being banned from use. The user's mode bar starts off as 0, increasing by 100 every second. Each kill in this gamemode grants 1000 MD, and you can earn some RYO and up to 100 RELLCoins upon a round's completion. This gamemode restricts the use of the last 2 move slots towards the right.

Arena X shares its game-modes with Shindo-Storm.

Not recommended if you don't have at least 6000 points in Health, Chi, Nin, and Tai.

Arena X Competitive

Upon entering the Arena X Competitive Game Mode the player will have the option to enter a 1v1 match, or a 2v2 match. Upon being paired with an opponent, the player will be sent into a private server with their opponent where they'll fight with each player being given 3 lives.

My Home

The player goes to their private home. In there they can afk and obtain Spins and Ryo, by doing one of 2 things: sitting on their chair, or sleeping on their bed. Every 600 seconds (10 minutes), you receive 60,000 Ryo and 1 Spin. If you leave or disconnect, the timing does not save, but if 600 seconds (10 minutes) have already passed, and you disconnect before taking your reward, the reward will save and you can re-join and claim it by sitting on your bed or on one of your chairs again. (Players who have the Spin Storage Gamepass are granted twice the rewards). Additionally, the player can save and load outfits, this is done by walking up to the wardrobe. In the beginning the player has three available slots to store outfits, but the player can unlock 7 additional slots, each costing 10,000RellCoin.png.


Shindo-Storm, previously known as the Arena mode is a gamemode that allows you to select and fight with Characters that each have their own moveset built from a Bloodline and or Sub-Ability. Characters are unlocked using Ryo from RPG.

Notable for this mode, moveset size is heavily restricted to only 4 moves, this is due to the very limited moveset of most Bloodlines combined with usually a single weapon. This emphasizes a balance between move usage and melee attacks and general teamwork in game-modes that have it

Arena has multiple game modes players can enter: elimination, free for all, and death match. These all generally have the same rewards and each have rankings.

SS Comp

SS Comp or Shindo Storm Competitive is a game mode where upon entering, the player will have the option to select a Shindo Storm Character of their choice. Upon being paired with an opponent, the player will be sent into a private server with their opponent where they'll fight with each player being given 3 lives.


Conquest is a team-deathmatch capture the flag game mode. Players are required to be Level 500 or higher to participate in this game mode. There are 5 flags that each team have to capture. When a player dies, they can choose to respawn at a flag that their team has captured to continue defending it from the opposing team. Keep in mind that rewards from this mode depend entirely of your placing on the leaderboard.

Kendo Tournament

Tournament is a one-on-one, player vs. player game mode where players' movesets are limited to specific attacks and are randomly selected to fight each other. The winner gets a large amount of rewards. Players use their RPG Stats in this mode.

Players can use any attack from the Stone, Flame, Shock, Liquid, Air Elements, any Kenjutsu Q Ability, any Throwable, Consumable, and Weapon. Below is a list of moves that are eligible. The board in-game is not correct.

Move Name Image
Ember Hurricane LeafHurricane.png
Raion Barrage LionsBarrage.png
Ember Entry DynamicEntry.png
Mighty Smash MightyFist.png
Azarashi Barrage UzumakiBarrage.png
Ryuji Axis PrimaryLotus.png
Ember Rising LeafRisingWind.png
Combo Breaker ComboBreakerTai.png
Spirit Fist BlossomFist.png
Spirit Smash BlossomSmash.png
Spirit Spear BlossomSpear.png
Saberu Suprise ThousandYears.png
Narumaki Barrage Narumaki Barrage.png
Dynamic Stomp Barrage DynamicStompBarrage.png
Shiki Hurricane ShikiHurricane.png
Fist Style: 3rd Dance RyujiKenichi1.png
Fist Style: Dragon Lotus RyujiKenichi3.png
Fist Style: Dragon Strike Dragon Strike.png
Fist Style: 6th Dance BruceKen1.png
Fist Style: 9th Dance BruceKen2.png
Fist Style: Tiger Lotus BruceKen3.png
Arahaki Style: Thousand Air Palms ArahakiThousandPalms.png
Jokei: 128 Palms Jokei3.png
Bat Cursed Spirit Cursed Seal of Heaven.png
Reptile Cursed Spirit ReptileCursed.png
Demon Gate Spirit Eight Inner Gates.png
Heavenly Spirit SevenBreaths.png


Dungeon is a game mode where upon entering, the player will have the option to choose one out of twelve dungeons. Once a player chooses a dungeon, the player will teleport to a private server where three options will appear: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Easy provides no benefits nor increased number/levels enemies. Medium adds an additional five enemies per wave and adds higher leveled enemies. In exchange, the rarity of gaining the Gamepass/Bloodline is decreased by 15% and the player gains an additional two spins. Hard adds an additional 10 enemies per wave and adds much higher leveled enemies. In exchange, the rarity of gaining the Gamepass/Bloodline will be decreased by 20% and the player gains an additional three spins and 150 RellCoin.png RELLCoins. Once a player chooses a difficulty, the player(s) will be transported to the dungeon and will have to fight through 15 Waves before obtaining a reward. Every wave adds higher leveled enemies and a higher number of enemies until Wave 15, where the player(s) will have to fight an NPC boss. After that, they are rewarded with RELL Coins, with the amount depending on the difficulty, the chance to obtain a Gamepass or Limited Bloodline, and some spins.

Note: A player can create a squad and play the dungeons with the players in the squad.

Dungeon Name Drop Drop Rate Gamepass Drop Gamepass Drop Rate Rewards
Training Grounds Dio-Senko 1/12 Radio Shindo 1/50 800 RellCoin.png

2 Spins
500,000 Ryo
3,000,000 EXP

Des Exams Arahaki-Jokei 1/12 Disgusting Emotes 1/100 700 RellCoin.png

3 Spins
580,000 Ryo
3,300,000 EXP

Samurai Bridge Tengoku 1/18 Disrespect Emotes 1/100 850 RellCoin.png

2 Spins
380,000 Ryo
4,000,000 EXP

Sen Exams Rengoku 1/20 Customs 1/250 550 RellCoin.png

4 Spins
520,000 Ryo
3,700,000 EXP

Narumaki Bridge Sengoku 1/20 x2 RELLcoin 1/300 870 RellCoin.png

4 Spins
600,000 Ryo
3,600,000 EXP

Ember Hideout Bankai-Akuma 1/15 x2 Element 1/500 650 RellCoin.png

3 Spins
490,000 Ryo
3,400,000 EXP

Sovereign Summit Rykan-Shizen 1/16 Element Slot 3 1/300 650 RellCoin.png

5 Spins
580,000 Ryo
3,350,000 EXP

Dawn Hideout Raion-Rengoku 1/16 Spin Storage 1/600 700 RellCoin.png

4 Spins
430,000 Ryo
3,800,000 EXP

Shindai Valley Shindai-Akuma 1/15 Bloodline Bag 1/700 650 RellCoin.png

6 Spins
470,000 Ryo
3,900,000 EXP

Korashi Manor Eastwood-Korashi 1/14 Dawn Membership TBA 800 RellCoin.png

6 Spins
450,000 Ryo
4,000,000 EXP

Mount Maki Jayramaki-Azure 1/14 Haori Drip TBA 600 RellCoin.png

4 Spins
560,000 Ryo
4,000,000 EXP

Tyn Stone Tyn Tailed Spirit Generation 1 Stage 1 & 2 1/8 & 1/16 Disgusting Emotes 1/100 700 RellCoin.png

4 Spins
420,000 Ryo
3,500,000 EXP