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The country's weather is typically cool and the islands are usually covered by fog.

-Location Description

The Haze Village, also known as Haze or The Haze Sovereignty, is one of the thirteen locations a player can currently spawn at in Shindo Life. It is also one of the six main villages.

Notable Locations

Haze Village

The Haze Village is a large village that contains cylindrical houses with tall trees growing on their roofs, inter-connected by a network of bridges and ramps. Like most villages, the Haze Village has an office, commonly known as the "Mizukage Office", where players can obtain Execute Missions and rank up.

Down the ramp leading to the Mizukage Office is a Ramen Shop, where players can restore their Hunger.


Near the Haze Village is a temple made of rock, surrounded by trees and having a few training logs nearby.


Right next to the Haze Village is the Haze Village Arena, which resembles a white ceiling-less dome-like stadium that serves as a battleground for duels between players. It has two tall trees inside of it, with two tall cylindrical buildings with trees on their roofs nearby.

Haze Village Bridge

The Haze Village Bridge is a bridge connecting the Haze Village with a small island, to the right of the Haze Village's Ramen Shop.

Great Naruto Bridge

The Great Naruto Bridge, which it is commonly known as, is a bridge that connects a small village on a large island with another large island. The village's island is located directly in front of the small island the Haze Village Bridge connects to.

Scroll Spawns

Name Image Requirements Rarity Spawn Time Detailed Location Location Image
Rab Style: Prison LVL: [370]

NIN: [900]

RYO: [1,000,000]

1/16 2:15 AM/PM Near the Haze Village's temple. RabPrisonLocation.png
Demonic Spirit LVL: [450]

NIN: [2,400]

RYO: [200,000]

1/8 2:45 AM/PM Next to Great Naruto Bridge's entrance, on the shore. DemonHunter.png
Liquid Control LVL: [850]

NIN: [4,000]

RYO: [4,000,000]

1/25 3:20 AM/PM On top of a rock pillar near the Haze Village arena. LiquidControlLocation.png
Body Replacement LVL: [800]

NIN: [2,400]

RYO: [3,500,000]

1/40 5:20 AM/PM Between a house and a ramp that leads up to the Mizukage Office. BodyReplaceLocation.png
Haze Fate Spirit LVL: [999]

NIN: [4,999]

RYO: [4,000,000]

1/20 6:20 AM/PM On the water to the right of the Great Naruto Bridge, near Demonic Spirit. HazeFateLocation.png
Isu Tailed Spirit LVL: [500]

CHI: [1,800]

RYO: [1,000,000]

1/10 9:30 AM/PM Right of Haze Village Bridge, on the water. IsuLocation.png
Sei Tailed Spirit SeiSpiritIcon.png LVL: [500]

NIN: [1,800]

RYO: [1,000,000]

1/10 10:10 AM/PM Right of Great Naruto Bridge, on the water. SeiLocation.png

Name Image Requirements Rarity Spawn Time Detailed Location Location Image
Bubble Flute Bubble Flute.png LVL: [760]

TAI [2,500]

RYO [1,000,000]

1/45 1:40 AM/PM On a dead-end wooden bridge near three training logs. BubbleFluteLocation.png
Demon Toss DemonToss.png LVL: [500]

TAI [2,900]

RYO [90,000]

1/12 2:40 AM/PM Next to a mountain after crossing the Great Naruto Bridge. DemonTossLocation.png
Haze Chi Blade HazeChiBlade.png LVL: [500]

TAI [2,500]

RYO [600,000]

1/25 3:25 AM/PM Next to a building near the Mizukage office. HazeBladeLocation.png
Rykan Blade RykanBlade.png LVL: [890]

TAI [3,200]

RYO [1,000,000]

1/45 5:10 AM/PM Near a temple in the Haze Village. RykanBladeLocation.png
Candy Blade Candy Blade.png LVL: [560]

TAI [3,200]

RYO [240,000]

1/25 5:15 AM/PM In the village in front of the Great Naruto Bridge. CandyBladeLocation.png
Slayer Blade Executioner Blade.png LVL: [640]

TAI [2,750]

RYO [200,000]

1/20 8:40 AM/PM In the middle of the Great Naruto Bridge. SlayerBladeLocation.png
Riserdawn Riserdawn.png LVL: [620]

TAI [2,300]

RYO [210,000]

1/8 8:55 AM/PM On a dead-end wooden bridge near the Mizukage office. RiserdawnLocation.png
Hamaxe Kabutowari.png LVL: [400]

TAI [700]

RYO [130,000]

1/6 9:10 AM/PM At the bottom of a mountain near the Haze Village arena. HamaxeLocation.png
Dual Lightning Kiba Blades.png LVL: [630]

TAI [900]

RYO [165,000]

1/6 9:20 AM/PM To the right after crossing the bridge from the Haze Village. DualLightningLocation.png
Thread Blade Nuibari.png LVL: [650]

TAI [2,000]

RYO [240,000]

1/10 9:30 AM/PM In a temple near the Haze Village. ThreadBladeLocation.png
Dual-Bladed Scythe Dual-Bladed Scythe.png LVL: [420]

TAI [1,500]

RYO [160,000]

1/2 9:45 AM/PM Next to the village after crossing the Haze Village bridge. DualScytheLocation.png
Ice Shuriken Snowflake Shuriken.png LVL: [1,000]

TAI [5,000]

RYO [5,000,000]

1/25 10:05 AM/PM To the right after crossing the bridge from the Haze Village. IceShurikenLocation.png
Bomb Blade BombBlade.png LVL: [625]

TAI [2,400]

RYO [175,000]

1/15 12:10 AM/PM On an island to the right of the Haze Village bridge. BombBladeLocation.png

Name Image Rarity Obtain Method Ryo Spawn Time Detailed Location Location Image
Deuce Wanziame DeuceWanziame.png 1/10 Boss Mission TBA N/A N/A N/A
Alphirama Dangan AlphiramaDangan.png 1/10 Boss Mission TBA N/A N/A N/A
Shiba Glacier ShibaGlacier.png 1/10 Boss Mission 1,900,000 N/A N/A N/A
Giovanni Shizen GiovanniC.png 1/10 Story Mission TBA N/A N/A N/A
Kabu Cobra KabuC.png 1/10 Story Mission TBA N/A N/A N/A
Jiso Seishin JisoSeishin.png 1/10 Story Mission TBA N/A N/A N/A
Riser Akuma RiserC.png 1/30 Scroll Spawn TBA 9:10 AM/PM TBA TBA
Rykan Shizen RykanShizenC.png 1/40 Scroll Spawn TBA 10:10 AM/PM On the water in the outskirts of the Haze Village. RykanCompanionLocation.jpg


  • The original name of Haze Village was Mist Village. It was later changed due to copyright issues.
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