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Kenjutsu menu and location on main menu

Kenjutsus are special abilities that a player can use, granting them the ability to generate and manipulate the element (not to be confused with Elements) that their Kenjutsu covers. Having a Weapon Ninja Tool equipped leaves a trail for each respective Kenjutsu.

A second Kenjutsu slot can be bought with RellCoin.png 100,000, which allows players to equip a second Kenjutsu's abilities. Dual-wielded Ninja Tools will leave the trails for each Kenjutsu respectively, while single-handed Ninja Tools will leave the trail of the primary Kenjutsu.

The Kenjutsus available in-game are as follows:

Kenjutsu Icon Rarity Levels
Wind-Kenjutsu KenWind.png 1/1 0-2,000
Water-Kenjutsu KenWater.png 1/4 0-2,000
Thunder-Kenjutsu KenThunder.png 1/7 0-2,000
Flame-Kenjutsu KenFlame.png 1/10 0-2,000
Mist-Kenjutsu KenMist.png 1/7 0-2,000
Moon-Kenjutsu KenMoon.png 1/20 0-2,000
Sun-Kenjutsu KenSun.png 1/25 0-2,000
Inferno-Kenjutsu KenInferno.png 1/25 0-2,000
Blood-Moon-Kenjutsu BloodmoonKenjutsu.png 1/25 0-2,000
Shiver-Kenjutsu Shiver-Kenjutsu.png 1/25 0-2,000
Sound-Kenjutsu SouKen.png 1/30 0-2,000

Obtaining a Kenjutsu

In order to obtain a Kenjutsu, open the menu in-game and click on the tab labelled "Kenjutsu" next to the Bloodline slots.

Once the user is in the Kenjutsu menu, click on the tab labelled "Change-Kenjutsu". Upon clicking this tab, a list of the Kenjutsus available will be displayed on the right. The player can then press "[Randomize] 10 spins" to spin for a Kenjutsu. Spinning for a Kenjutsu for the first time requires no spins, while every spin ownwards requires 10 spins.

In order to roll Kenjutsus, spins are required. Spins are obtained via Twitter/YouTube codes posted on RELLGames' YouTube and Twitter, completing daily missions, playing the Shindo Storm gamemode, or from Free Rewards. New codes come out once a Subscriber goal is reached, an update comes out, or whenever the developers feel like it.