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List of Locations in Shindo Life:

Main Villages

Village Symbol Village Photo Name Requirements Bosses
EmberIcon.png EmberVillage.png Ember None Kor Tailed Spirit,

Ember Fate Spirit

ObeliskIcon.png Obelisk.png Obelisk None Sun Tailed Spirit,

Ku Tailed Spirit, Obelisk Fate Spirit

NimbusIcon.png Nimbus.png Nimbus None Mao Tailed Spirit,

Gai Tailed Spirit, Eagle Companion, Santa Platinum Winter, Nimbus Fate Spirit

HazeIcon.png Haze.png Haze None Isu Tailed Spirit,

Sei Tailed Spirit, Haze Fate Spirit

DunesIcon.png DunesVillage.png Dunes None Su Tailed Spirit,

Chu Tailed Spirit, Dunes Fate Spirit

NewEmberIcon.png NewEmber.png New Ember None None

Sub Locations

Location Symbol Location Picture Name Requirements
TrainingIcon.png TrainingGrounds.png Training Fields Level 100
StormIcon.png StormVillage.png Storm Level 200
ForestIcon.png Forest.PNG Forest of Embers Level 300
DawnIcon.png DawnOverview.png Dawn Hideout Level 1000 and Dawn Membership Gamepass
TempestIcon.png TempestOverview.png Tempest Village Level 300
NarumakiBridge.png BridgeOverview.png Great Narumaki Bridge Level 0
Shindai Valley.png ShindaiValleyOverview.png Shindai Valley Level 800


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