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Moon-Kenjutsu is a Kenjutsu with a rarity of 1/20. Its moveset revolves around fast area-of-effect attacks that put status effects on targets. Having this Kenjutsu equipped gives the user's weapon a white trail filled with crescent moon-shaped slashes when attacking and blocking. It has a variation named Blood-Moon-Kenjutsu.


Move Name Image Level Chi Ryo
Ken Style: Cresent Rush KenMoon1.png 300 550 100,000
Ken Style: Dawn Breaker KenMoon2.png 700 5,000 500,000
Ken Style: Cresent Hamon KenMoon3.png 1,400 3,000 500,000
Ken Style: Cresent Blade Drive KenMoon4.png 1,750 2,700 600,000


Move Name Image Chi Cooldown Description
Ken Style: Crescent Rush KenMoon1.png 15,000 20 seconds The user rushes forward while a trail of crescent moon-shaped slashes follow them, before releasing multiple slashes around them, dealing area-of-effect damage to targets as well as putting them to sleep.
Ken Style: Dawn Breaker KenMoon2.png 25,000 25 seconds After a short startup, the user sends out a flurry of slashes at the direction of the cursor, dealing damage and slowing down enemies hit. These slashes are also capable of homing.
Ken Style: Crescent Hamon KenMoon3.png 24,000 25 seconds The user forms three tornadoes from their sides, and dashes forward, damaging anything that comes in contact. Immediately afterwards, the three tornadoes meet together towards the target, damaging them further.
Ken Style: Crescent Blade Drive KenMoon4.png 26,000 26 seconds The user sends a five slashes towards the direction they're facing, with the last slash being a large, vertical slash, damaging enemies and pushing them backwards.



  • When this Kenjutsu was added, Ken Style: Crescent Blade Drive could not be unlocked unless Ken Style: Crescent Hamon was unlocked first. At the same time, Ken Style: Crescent Hamon could not be unlocked unless Ken Style: Dawn Breaker was unlocked first.
  • This Kenjutsu is a reference to Moon Breathing from the franchise, Demon Slayer.
  • The character Kokushibo uses the Kenjutsu from the franchise, Demon Slayer.