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In the centre of the country are vast mountain ranges, whose clouds over shine.

-Location Description

The Nimbus Village, also known as Nimbus or The Nimbus Sovereignty, is one of the thirteen locations a player can currently spawn at in Shindo Life. It is also one of the six main villages.

Notable Locations

Nimbus Village

The Nimbus Village is built in a range of tall mountains, with its buildings shaped into tower-like structures that are attached to sides of mountains and inter-connected by a network of bridges. Like most villages, the Nimbus Village has an office, commonly known as the "Raikage Office", where players can obtain Execute Missions and rank up.

Some distance from the Raikage Office is a Ramen Shop, where players can restore their Hunger. There are three training logs near it.

Land of Iron

In the outskirts of the Nimbus Village is a snowy region, commonly known as the "Land of Iron" amongst players. There is a small village in this region, and the Kage Summit Cave is also located here.

Kage Summit Cave

The Kage Summit Cave, as it is commonly known among players, is a large cave with decorated pillars inside of it. It also secretly houses the Kage Summit room and one of the entrances to it.


Next to the Nimbus Village is the Nimbus Village Arena, which resembles a wooden ceiling-less dome-like stadium that serves as a battleground for duels between players. It has some rocks inside of it, with two tall tower-like buildings nearby.

Scroll Spawns

Name Image Requirements Rarity Spawn Time Detailed Location Location Image
Clown Trap Halloween LVL: [800]

NIN: [2,600]

RYO: [2,000,000]

1/50 12:25 AM/PM Behind of the Kage Summit Cave in the Land Of Iron. Sub-jutsuLocation(29).png
Santa Platinum Winter LVL: [800]

CHI: [5,000]

RYO: [1,800,000]

1/25 1:15 AM/PM In the outskirts of the Nimbus Village, in the Land of Iron. SantaPlatinumWinterLocation.png
Spirit Bomb-Shuriken Toss SpiritBombShurikenToss.png LVL: [850]

NIN: [2,800]

RYO: [160,000]

1/14 2:45 AM/PM Near the bridge leading to the Land of Iron. Sub-jutsuLocation(23).png
Mao Tailed Spirit LVL: [370]

NIN: [900]

RYO: [35,000]

1/10 3:10 AM/PM Below the bridge leading to the Land of Iron. MaoLocation.png
Wood Vanishing Image LVL: [500]

NIN: [1,800]

RYO: [1,000,000]

1/35 3:10 AM/PM On a tree near the Nimbus Village arena. WoodVanishingLocation.png
Sleigh Bomb LVL: [900]

NIN: [3,600]

RYO: [1,000,000]

1/25 6:35 AM/PM On top of the Kage Summit Cave. SleighBombLocation.png
Shock Cloak CloakOfLightning.png LVL: [600]

CHI: [3,000]

RYO: [500,000]

1/25 7:35 AM/PM Behind the Raikage Office. Sub-jutsuLocation(5).png
Nimbus Fate Spirit LVL: [999]

NIN: [4,999]

RYO: [4,000,000]

1/20 8:10 AM/PM Next to the Samurai Bridge, near the location of Mao Tailed Spirit and Eagle Companion. NimbusFateLocation.png
Gai Tailed Spirit LVL: [500]

NIN: [1,800]

RYO: [1,000,000]

1/10 8:25 AM/PM Below a red bridge outside of the Nimbus Village. GaiLocation.png
Eagle Companion LVL: [900]

NIN: [3,800]

RYO: [2,000,000]

1/65 9:15 AM/PM Next to the bridge leading to the Land of Iron. EagleLocation.png
Shock Control LVL: [850]

NIN: [4,000]

RYO: [4,000,000]

1/25 9:25 AM/PM On a stone pillar, behind the Nimbus Village's Ramen Shop. ShockControlLocation.png

Name Image Requirements Rarity Spawn Time Detailed Location Location Image
Nimbus Chi Blade NimbusChiBlade.png LVL: [500]

TAI [2,500]

RYO [600,000]

1/25 2:25 AM/PM On top of a building attached to a pillar, near the Raikage office. NimbusBladeLocation.png
Christmas Shizen Christmas Shizen.png LVL: [550]

TAI [2,300]

RYO [300,000]

1/25 4:25 AM/PM Near the Kage Summit Cave. ChristmasShizenLocation.png
Nimbus Sword Cleaver Sword.png LVL: [760]

TAI [2,500]

RYO [150,000]

1/20 7:25 AM/PM On top of the Raikage Office's. NimbusSwordLocation.png
Samurai Tanto Mifune.png LVL: [580]

TAI [1,800]

RYO [170,000]

1/12 7:45 AM/PM In the Kage Summit cave. SamuraiTantoLocation.png
Shindo Blade Omoi Blade.png LVL: [420]

TAI [700]

RYO [120,000]

1/8 7:55 AM/PM On top of a building in the Nimbus Village. ShindoBlade.png
Acrobat Style Acrobat Style.png LVL: [680]

TAI [2,400]

RYO [300,000]

1/15 9:15 AM/PM On the red bridge leading to the Land or Iron from the Nimbus Village. AcrobatLocation.png

Name Image Rarity Obtain Method Ryo
Ashen Storm AshenC.png 1/10 Boss Mission TBA
Odin Saberu OdinC.png 1/10 Boss Mission TBA
Satoru Okami 100x100px 1/10 Boss Mission TBA
Xeno Dokei XenoDokeiC.png 1/10 Boss Mission TBA
Raion Akuma RaionAkumaC.png 1/10 Boss Mission TBA
Ryuji Kenichi RyujiKenichi.png 1/10 Story Mission TBA
Arahaki Jokei ArahakiC.png 1/10 Story Mission TBA
Menza Azarashi MenzaAzarashi.png 1/10 Story Mission TBA


  • The original name of Nimbus Village was Cloud Village. It was later changed due to copyright issues.
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