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RELL Coin is a currency used in Shindo Life. It can be used to purchase and unlock Combat Arts, Accessories, Coats, and Bloodlines from the RELL Coin Shop. The player can also buy characters in the game mode "Shindo Storm".

The primary method of obtaining RELL Coins is through codes, or the Shindo-Storm, Arena X, Conquest, Dungeon and Arena X Competitive Game Modes, with the amount of rewarded RELL Coins being proportional to the amount of damage the player deals.

The amount of RELLcoins the player gets can be doubled by purchasing the x2 RELLcoin Gamepass.

The Maximum Capacity a player can hold of RELLCoins is 500,000 unless they have purchased the x2 RELLcoin Gamepass in which the new maximum capacity becomes 1,000,000.