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The Shindo Life Wiki has its own set of policies that governs how the Wiki is ran, managed, and moderated. This page contains all of the rules, policies, and guidelines the Shindo Life Wiki. The Wiki's primary objective is to provide information about the Roblox game Shindo Life to any and all users and viewers. It is necessary to be thorough with the rules so that all users understand what is acceptable behavior on the Shindo Life Wiki.

The Shindo Life Wiki Staff highly recommend users to read the policies, rules, and guidelines before participating on the Wiki. Most situations will not warrant immediate administrative action. Instead, warnings are given first before administrative action is done. In some scenarios and cases, warnings will not be given and immediate administrative action will be performed.

Conduct Policies

Conduct Policies govern how the Wiki runs, what behavior is acceptable, and how other registered FANDOM users can collaborate.

User Conduct

All users must follow the global and local community guidelines

All users are expected to follow the global user conduct rules and FANDOM Community Guidelines. The Shindo Life Wiki also has its own set of policies regarding user conduct and behavior.

To be specific, users are not permitted to:

  • Harass other editors, users, and Roblox users on this wiki; this includes the use of other platforms such as Roblox, Twitter, and other wiki communities;
  • Bring drama from the Wiki Discord or other wikis/discords here. The staff team's between the two are almost entirely separate, and we do not want to deal with their drama, or anyone else's;
  • Intentionally deface content on our wiki, including other users' pages;
  • Post any obscene, pornographic, abusive, offensive, profane content, or content that otherwise violates any law or right of any third party, or content that contains homophobia, ethnic slurs, religious intolerance, or encourages criminal conduct;
  • Attempt to impersonate other editors, any staff (Wiki and/or game), or other famous individuals;
  • Utilize multiple accounts in a manner to evade an existing block, to manipulate community impression or support of an idea, or to deceive or mislead other editors;
  • Post, upload, transmit, share, or store unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, solicitations, "spam", or any other type of unauthorized solicitation into articles or in excess (such as to your YouTube channel or other streaming services, Discord servers, etc);
  • To discriminate or demonstrate any prejudice towards a group of people based on any socio-demographic or demographic categorizations.

Assume Good Faith

Editors should always assume good faith on all edits. Assuming good faith means that you automatically assume that an editor's intentions on editing are good. They want to help the wiki, even if they are doing things that might not be correct. Do not label something as vandalism, unless there is a malicious intent behind it. If an edit needs to be undone, do so kindly and explain why it is being undone; do not say "this edit sucks".

Do Not MiniMod

The Shindo Life Wiki will not permit mini-modding. The act of mini-modding is often described as a user taking it upon themselves to act as a staff member without permission. They may warn or threaten users about their rule infractions or act like they have authority over other users. This type of behavior is not permitted. If a user has broken a rule, please report it to a Staff Member instead of taking matters into your own hands.

Do Not Impersonate

An abridged version may be read under #All users must follow the global and local community guidelines. This policy details how we identify and handle impersonation and verification. The Shindo Life Wiki is a source of information for many users and may be used openly by YouTubers, Shindo Life/Rell Staff, or other well-known individuals or users. We will not permit anyone to impersonate other users. This includes exact or very similar usernames or any of their known handles or aliases.

The Wiki Staff may ask certain users to verify their identity. This may be done in a few ways. You may be asked to join the Wiki Discord and verify through a Roblox verification bot. You may be privately messaged a specific phrase to send to a Staff Member to verify your identity. There may be more methods that will be conducted that may not be listed here. Please know that the Wiki Staff would NEVER ask you sensitive information such as your real name, passwords to your accounts, your age, etc. If you think the verification method is inappropriate, please contact a Bureaucrat or Administrator.

Users who are caught impersonating may be told to request a username change on FANDOM, have any edits they have done deleted, or may be permanently blocked from the Wiki.

Do not use Foul or Inappropriate Language

The use of profanity, foul language, swears, curse words, or any other words deemed inappropriate are not permitted on the Shindo Life Wiki. The use of such is strictly prohibited. Innuendos of an inappropriate or sexual nature are not permitted either. The usage of such words/phrases is prohibited in, but not limited to:

  • Article pages
  • Message Wall posts
  • User Blog posts
  • Talk Pages
  • Discussions

Users who use such language will have their posts deleted and will be reminded or warned of their breach of policy. Further uses can lead to a temporary Block. Severe usage of foul or inappropriate language may lead to an immediate block up to the discretion of the staff team.

What constitutes as a violation of this clause is up to the discretion of the staff team. Commonly used words/phrases, those from other languages or dialects, etc., will be considered. Use common sense when creating a post.

If you question whether a word/phrase may be a violation of this policy, don't use it.

Roblox Guidelines

Because the Shindo Life Wiki is based on a Roblox game, there are some policies that Roblox has in place that the Shindo Life Wiki enforces to ensure the safety of Roblox users and their accounts. The entirety of Roblox's Terms of Use does not directly apply to Shindo Life Wiki; however, there are a few clauses to remember:

  • Users are not permitted to utilize our platform to sell, trade, or distribute Roblox accounts;
  • Users must follow the "Roblox Name and Logo - Community Usage Guidelines" if applicable;
  • Users are not permitted to utilize our platform to sell, trade, convert, or distribute Roblox currency or curriences;
  • Users are not permitted to utilize our platform to sell, trade, or distribute any exploits, cheats, hacks, or otherwise unauthorized software or applications that violate Roblox rules.

The Shindo Life Wiki Staff Team has the explicit right to moderate users (via Reminders, Warnings, or Blocks) regarding issues with Roblox policies that can apply outside of the Roblox platform, website, application, or game.

FANDOM Conduct

There are FANDOM policies and guidelines that apply to all FANDOM communities (this includes the Shindo Life Wiki). These are the terms of use, the privacy policy, and the community creation policy. These policies are created by FANDOM staff and their enforcement is out of the control of this wiki. However, this wiki specifically enforces the FANDOM Community Guidelines and the user conduct section of the terms of use, in addition to the other policies described on this page. Violation of FANDOM policies (ie: death threats, being underage) is grounds for an immediate block without negotiation.


Users who have registered to FANDOM with a valid account can edit and participate on the Wiki. Guest users will need to create an account to edit or comment on this Wiki. Users are permitted to have multiple accounts on FANDOM, but using these accounts for sockpuppeting is strictly prohibited. This happens when users attempt to evade blocks, confuse users, or create false feedback on topics.

User Rights

Not to be confused with the rights a user is entitled to

Some actions require users to have certain rights (or permissions) to conduct them. Our wiki permits all registered FANDOM users to edit and contribute. However, certain actions like deleting pages, rollbacks, and more, are reserved to the staff roles. To see a full list of User rights, please visit w:Help:User Rights.

Talk pages and Discussions

The policies, guidelines, and rules listed in this category refer to the usage and participation in Talk pages and Discussions.

Talk Pages

All other rules that are applicable to user conduct and such apply to Talk pages guidelines.

  • Properly create a Heading for your addition to the Talk Page.
  • Always use your signature when adding to a talk page (~~~~)
  • Do not edit other user's additions to Talk Pages.
  • Do not go off-topic when adding to a Talk page.
  • Read the content of a page before asking questions. The page may contain your answer. If the page does not, please ask your question and someone will attempt to answer and update the page with the information.
  • Begging for currencies (in-game or ROBLOX) or any other form of inappropriate begging is not permitted.
  • Use common sense when posting.


All other rules that are applicable to user conduct and such apply to Discussions guidelines.

  • Categorize your posts correctly. Do not randomly use page tags for the sake of it. Do not inappropriately use a post category for the wrong topic.
  • Advertising in any form in comments is not permitted, as described in the user conduct
  • Begging for currencies (in-game or Roblox) or any other form of inappropriate begging is not permitted
  • Use Talk pages instead of a Discussions post for topics regarding specific pages on the Wiki.
  • Necroposting is not allowed. For discussions with its most recent activity being 2 months or later, please do not respond to them. If you have a question regarding a dead thread, create a new post instead.
  • Report any posts that break the rules.
    • You can Report your own posts if you want it to be deleted. We will treat self-reports as the user wanting their post to be deleted.
  • Do not spam new posts or replies. If you think of something else to contribute, edit your original post or reply instead of creating a new one.
  • Use common sense when creating posts or responding to posts.

Vandalism Policy

Vandalism of any type is not permitted on the Shindo Life Wiki. The policies regarding vandalism with cover what is defined as vandalism and how it is acted upon.

What is Vandalism?

The Shindo Life Wiki defines vandalism as the following:

  • Wiping parts or the entirety of a page;
  • Replacing parts or the entirety of a page with unrelevant, spam, gibberish, or otherwise inappropriate content;
  • Defacing information on a page and replacing it with false information, or putting in jokes, gibberish, spam, or otherwise inappropriate content
  • Adding unnecessary photos that do not pertain to the page
  • Miscellaneous: Up to a staff member's discretion on whether to classify some edits as vandalism; generally, edits that do not fit into the previously mentioned categories but are defined as malicious.

Reporting Vandalism

If you find any cases of vandalism, it is highly encouraged that you report it. You can join the Shindo Life Wiki Discord and report it in the channel titled "#wiki-griefing-reports". You can also report vandalism to any Sysop on the Wiki by leaving a message on their Message Wall.

When reporting vandalism, include the following:

  1. The page that was vandalised
  2. Description of the type of vandalism
  3. A link to the User Page of the offending user

Need help finding the user? Check a page's "History" and compare edits. This is available to any user and can help locate who vandalised a page.


Punishments regarding vandalism can be viewed in section Warnings and Blocks. Note that the general punishment for vandalism without any other compounding issues or reasons is a one (1) month block.

Page/Content Creation

Many Wikis have policies and guidelines that specify how their pages should be created and maintained. The Shindo Life Wiki is no different. This category contains the policies and guidelines pertaining to the creation and upkeeping of pages. This is by no means a substitution for the Manual of Style.

All Pages Should be Made to Standard

Every page made on the Shindo Life Wiki should follow the standards define in the Manual of Style. It covers the specifics for numerous types of pages. Below is a list of guidelines for the creation of pages that applies regardless of page type.

Upon creating a new page:

  • The title of it should be exactly how it is in-game or simplified if needed
  • Have the appropriate infobox filled out completely with accurate information
  • Cite any information you include on pages that does not come directly from the game
  • Write in a neutral stance and do not take sides or opinions
  • Have relevant images on the page
  • Have a decent amount of information on the page
    • Pages with a lack of information are called Stubs.
  • The page and its information should be undoubtedly verifiable
    • i.e. "upcoming" or "hypothesized" features or updates are not permitted
  • Make sure you write from a third-person (3rd) perspective. Do not use "I" or "We" or "You".

Other guidelines that must be followed:

  • Do not create pages about users or people. The developer(s) may have a page but is subject to removal upon their consent
  • If a page about users or people is approved, please use their preferred pronouns when addressing them
  • Edits that attempt to purposefully revert or change pronouns to be other than the player's preferred gender pronouns in bad faith will be taken as vandalism, resulting in a block
  • Do not create pages for individual items that fall into a larger category
  • Infoboxes should have current images. Anything outdated should be replaced or moved into a gallery
  • When writing the word "Roblox", it should be capitalized as such. "Roblox" is the proper way of writing and referring to Roblox.

This policy incorporates Roblox's "Name and Logo - Community Usage Guidelines" and must be followed.

File Names Should be Descriptive

When uploading files to the Shindo Life Wiki, they should be descriptive of what the file is about. Roblox's general file name from screenshots is not acceptable, nor is gibberish or inappropriate file names. Offending files may be removed or renamed.

It's editing courtesy to make file names descriptive! It helps fellow editors understand what a file is and makes it easier to add to pages.

Images and Videos Should be Cropped

If you are uploading and using an image or video as an asset for a page, you will need to make sure the image or video is cropped. This means that images should not be that of a full-screen screenshot/Print Screen. Crop out unnecessary elements (such as the HUD/UI/GUI) and focus specifically on the content you are photographing. If you are uploading a video, make sure the video duration is only what is needed. Please do not include any extra length that is unneeded.

Page Drafts Should be in the Userspace

When drafting a new page or a large edit, you should do so in your Userspace. The Userspace is a type of page on FANDOM that belongs to a specific user. You can create a page in your Userspace by naming a new page "User:Visitor/Title". An example would be: "User:Visitor/I love testing edits!".

This policy does not apply for minor edits.

Content Should be Neutral

Pages on the Wiki are to be informational and factual. The creation of pages on the Wiki is to document content in Shindo Life or relating to Shindo Life. We hold a neutrality policy in regards to content on our pages. Pages should be written as unbiased as humanly possible and keep out any opinions. Statements in articles must be verifiable. Opinions that are not verifiable can be presented by quoting significant proponents but they must not be presented as facts. If different sources make conflicting assertions, the assertions should be presented by quoting the sources instead of being presented as facts.

Content Criteria

The Shindo Life Wiki has the right to delete any content on the site.

  • Files may be deleted if they are low-quality, unused, or are a copyright violation.
  • User Blogs/User Pages may be deleted if the content is inappropriate or considered spam or other discretion deemed necessary by a staff member.
  • Templates may be deleted if they are unused, outdated, or broken.
  • Pages may be deleted if they do not relate to Shindo Life, are opinionated pieces, or are obvious attempts at spam and/or vandalism
  • Administrators reserve the right for discretion on what may be deleted at times. Most deletions are for enforcing rules, policies, and/or guidelines or for Maintenance. *Sometimes, pages may be moved without leaving a redirect for reasons that may regard to enforcing rules, policies, and/or guidelines or for maintenance.

Content on the Wiki must be in English

The Shindo Life Wiki is an English-based encyclopedia for the Roblox game "Shindo Life". Due to human limitations, the staff team is unable to expand and moderate under other languages. When editing or creating pages, or when creating a Talk Page addition or Discussions post, please use the English language. Your content will be deleted or your edits will be reverted. If you are unable to read and navigate the Wiki, please use an online translating service.

Currently, there are no sub-wikis or affiliate wikis in other languages for Shindo Life. Are you multilingual? Consider joining the Shindo Life Wiki Staff Team and beginning a new project!

Warnings and Blocks

Like most wikis, the Shindo Life Wiki must issue moderation to keep the Wiki clean, safe, and user-friendly.

When Moderations are Issued

Users may be issued moderations for when they are not following the policies and rules on the Shindo Life Wiki. Users cannot be issued moderations for certain issues regarding guidelines as they are in place to prevent or assist in user conflicts.

Statute of Limitations

Some minor violations and infractions will not be acted on when not caught in a reasonable time frame. This will be up to discretion of the staff. Not all violations may be ignored by a statute of limitations, such as major offenses. Generally, users cannot be punished for actions they did a long time ago.

Non-Existing Rules

Users cannot be blocked for a rule that is not stated within or implied within our Rules. A user, however, can be warned for such an offense to discourage future practices of it. The Staff Team may then update the Rules to include said rule into it, but a user cannot be blocked for something that wasn't stated or implied in our rules after the offense was added to the Rules.

Do Not Remove Warnings From Your Message Wall

Editors should not remove any issued warnings from their message wall, as this serves as documentation regarding what actions have previously been taken for policy violations and ensures consistent application of wiki policies to all editors. Removing message wall warnings may result in a block or an extended block if the editor is currently blocked.

Types of Warnings

There are three types of "warnings" that may be issued. These do not carry any Blocks with them.

  • Reminders or minor warnings are given to first-time violations and serve to help an editor or user get back on track with the Shindo Life Wiki's policies.
  • Warnings will be given to repeat violations of minor policies or given to first-time violations that are more offensive in nature.
  • Final warnings are given after repeat violations after having been previously warned, or for offenses deemed worthy of a one-and-only warning. These may be the form of a small block or a standalone message.

Types of Blocks

Please note that this table is to serve as a reference point. Blocks for given reasons may be for a lesser or longer duration due to any additional factors that were considered

Block length Intended use
Minor Violations, first time
1-2 hours Usually reserved to disband edit warring between editors, or to handle excessive and improper page creation from an editor. These are not used to issue moderation but to pause editors and help promote healthy editing.
1-3 days First-time minor policy violations with or sometimes without prior warnings. Includes violations like swearing at another user, discussions/talk page abuse (i.e. posting excessive irrelevant discussions post, or posts that do not promote healthy discussion, or spamming posts).
1 week
2 weeks Multiple minor policy violations. Engaging in pointsgaming (farming edit and/or post count) or blatant edit warring.

Editors producing questionable edits deemed to be made in bad-faith may be subject to a 2-week block or less up to the discretion of the issuing staff member.

Major Violations, first time;
Minor Violations, repeated
1-3 months Repeated minor policy violations with warnings and/or previous blocks on a user's record. Violation of FANDOM's Terms of Service or other FANDOM policies that do not constitute a severe violation (i.e. making a death threat). Violation of applicable Roblox policies.

Vandalism is automatically met with a 1-month block without warning.

6 months
Severe Violations;
Major Violations, excessive & repeated
1+ years Severe policy violations, including repeated or severe vandalism, premeditated or coordinated vandalism

These blocks are reserved for repeated offenders & troublemakers. Most users would have to work to obtain a block of this duration. Severe vandalism may immediately be issued a block for this duration.

Indefinite /
Excessive extreme/severe vandalism. Bringing or acting under drama from any source other than the wiki and only the wiki. Violation of FANDOM's Terms of Service or other FANDOM policies (sockpuppetry, minimum age), uploading pornographic or otherwise offensive images; Users who are no longer welcomed on the Shindo Life Wiki for any reason necessary; Users who violate severe Roblox policies that are applicable to Shindo Life Wiki

These blocks are unlikely to be lifted; cannot be contested and any attempts to do so will be disregarded; Users blocked for being underaged may appeal once they can safely prove they have reached the valid age. Those who have been blocked for starting unnecessary drama can appeal 2 weeks after their removal, given they do not break any other rules in the process like making a sock puppet.

Disputing Blocks

Editors who are blocked, with exception to severe violators (see "types of blocks" above), are free to contest or otherwise challenge their block. Blocked editors may tactfully respond to their block message to provide explanation or evidence to potentially shorten or dismiss their block. Blocked editors who abuse this courtesy and instead choose to produce offensive responses will be ignored, their message wall privileges revoked, and their block lengthened by at least 1 week.

Editors may not dispute a block that is not for a duration greater than 3 days (~1 week block duration threshold; see Types of Blocks for duration scaling). Any attempts to do so will be ignored without further punishment unless the response otherwise suggests for further or additional moderation.

Blocked editors who are initially unable to respond to their block message (but did not have their message wall privileges revoked after the initial block) are able to contact their blocking administrator on FANDOM Community Central. Note that you are responsible for all content you post on Community Central, offensive content posted there can result in the editor blocked across all wikis with no further input from this wiki's administrators necessary.

Users who are blocked for something that is not stated or implied in our Rules, or for a reason not specified or clearly communicated, may communicate with the blocking Sysop or a different Sysop via their Message Wall on Community Central to appeal. Users may then be unblocked unless the offense is deemed severe enough to supersede this policy.

Expiration of Moderation

Depending on the type of moderation a user has received, the moderation can expire. Expiration of a moderation means that while it still remains on your record, after a certain period of time has passed after the moderation AND the user maintains a clean record moving forward, the moderation may no longer affect minor moderation decisions.

  • Reminders and Warnings may not be upgraded to a higher tier for minor policy violations after a span of three (3) months have passed with a clean record.
    • A repeat of the same offense may bypass the expiration of moderation if it is deemed necessary by the issuing staff member.
  • Blocks for minor offenses may not increase in severity after six (6) months have passed with a clean record.
    • A repeat of the same offense may bypass the expiration of the moderation if it is deemed necessary by the issuing staff member.
    • Blocks for major or severe offenses, or for FANDOM violations will ignore an expiration of moderation.
  • By the issuing staff member's discretion, moderation actions may not account for an expiration of moderation.

Minimum Age

Per FANDOM's Terms of Use and their implementation of COPPA, a United States child protection law, all users who register an account on FANDOM must be at least 13 years of age in order to edit our wiki or participate in our forums. Users who reside in California or inside the European Economic Area (excluding the UK) must be the age of 16 to own and operate a FANDOM account.

Users who are evidently below the minimum age will be immediately blocked from our wiki until sometime after the user turns 13 or 16 years old. You can appeal to a Sysop if you have reached the valid age or believe your block was a mistake.

Users may be blocked for being underaged under these circumstances which we see as evidence:

  • Users who explicitly state their age is below 13 years old1;
  • Users who have different Roblox links2;
  • Users whose use a screenshot and it is visibly evident that the user or Roblox account is under the age of 132;
  • Users who have been reported by members of the Roblox Interwiki Project of being underaged.

Underaged users may be reported to FANDOM for violating their Terms of Service and COPPA Laws. However, not every user may be reported to FANDOM. Users who are blocked for being underaged regarding the circumstances marked with a superscript "1" are the only users eligible to be reported to FANDOM due to their internal policies.

Users who have been blocked for being underaged for circumstances marked with a superscript "2" may appeal via blocking Sysop's Message Wall, another Sysop's Message Wall, or by contacting the Sysop on Community Central via their Message Wall if the evidence used against the user in question was supplied or shared by a different user.