Shindo Life Wiki

Stats are one of the major features in Shindo Life, as it is an upgrading system. It is where players can apply their stat points to the stats they would like to grow. Players earn 18 stat points each time they level up until they reach level 1,000, which is the maximum level for every rank. There is also a text box that pops up when a player is adding stats, where they can type in how many focus points will be added in when they click the plus sign.

Stats Menu


Chi: Increases the player's Chi capacity, MD capacity, and all modes' attacks' damage.

Ninjutsu: Increases the player's MD capacity, Chi regeneration rate, Ninjutsu damage, and Bloodline damage.

Taijutsu: Increases the player's melee attack damage, weapon attack damage, Stamina capacity, heavy attack damage, and Martial Arts damage.

Health: Increases the player's health and block meter.


Age is a miscellaneous stat that affects the player's height and character customization. A player's Age starts 9 and eventually caps at 30, with their character becoming progressively taller. At Age 18, the player can add beards onto their character when editing. Age can only be increased with playtime, the longer a player plays the game, the "older" they get.