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A poor country indebted by Tempest

-Location Description

The Storm Village, also known as Storm, is one of the eighteen locations a player can currently spawn at in Shindo Life.


The Storm Village is a small but highly industrialized village located above a large lake, with its infrastructure being tall towers and connected by bridges and pathways. As its name suggests, it rains constantly in the Storm Village and the surrounding area. Despite being a village, the Storm Village does not have NPCs that offer missions, a Ramen Shop where players can restore their Hunger, an office where players can obtain Execute Missions and rank up, or training logs.


Scroll Spawns

Name Image Requirements Rarity Spawn Time Detailed Location Location Image
Reptile Cursed Spirit LVL: [440]

NIN: [1,600]

RYO: [250,000]

1/30 12:20 AM/PM On a platform of a building in the corner of the city. ReptileCursedLocation.png
Reality Talk LVL: [850]

NIN: [4,000]

RYO: [4,000,000]

1/50 5:35 AM/PM On top of a platform on a building. Sub-jutsuLocation(27).png
Confusion Illusion Technique LVL: [370]

NIN: [900]

RYO: [35,000]

1/20 8:10 AM/PM Behind a building near a corner of the village. ConfusionLocation.png

Name Image Requirements Rarity Spawn Time Detailed Location Location Image
Chi Rod Toss Chakrarodtss.png.png LVL: [850]

TAI [4,000]

RYO [1,000,000]

1/16 1:25 AM/PM On a bridge, below a round platform on a tower with a tongue-like part on it. ChiRodLocation.png
Bat Toss Halloween BatTossHalloween.png LVL: [1,000]

TAI [5,000]

RYO [5,000,000]

1/50 3:20 AM/PM On the roof of a building at the edge of the village. BatLocation.png
Dual Chi Rods Chakra Rods.png LVL: [850]

TAI [4,000]

RYO [1,000,000]

1/25 6:20 AM/PM On a platform at the top of a building. DualChiLocation.png


  • The original name of Storm Village was Rain Village. It was later changed due to copyright issues.
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