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Strange is a limited-time Clan Bloodline with a rarity of 1/250. Strange's moveset revolves around the use of time magic and magical runes to attack and stun opponents. It has a variation called Fate.


Move Name Image Level Chi Ryo
Time Style: Clone Latch Strange1.png 200 520 900,000
Time Style: Shock ah Flame Strange2.png 400 1,600 1,500,000
Time Style: Energy of Time Strange3.png 700 2,200 1,500,000


Move Name Image Chi Cooldown Description
Time Style: Clone Latch Strange1.png 26,000 24 seconds The user creates golden circles on the palm of their hands. Upon clicking on a target, multiple clones of the user are summoned and holds the target with golden Chi, dealing damage as well as stunning them.
Time Style: Shock ah Flame Strange2.png 30,000 25 seconds The user fires multiple shots of golden energy towards their cursor, dealing damage and draining the target's Stamina.
Time Style: Energy of Time Strange3.png 24,000 23 seconds The user creates a translucent, golden circle with patterns in front of them, causing it to fire a beam of energy towards the direction they are facing, dealing damage.


By holding C, the user can activate Strange's mode, which requires Bloodline Level 1,000. When Strange's mode is activated, the user gains a red cloak embroidered with gold along its sides, as well as an eye-like structure fastening it. This mode drains 25 MD per second.

Mode Stat Bonuses Requirement Description
Stage 1 +2,300 CHI
+2,400 NIN
+2,500 TAI
+2,200 HP
Level 1,000 While this mode is activated, the user's speed is significantly boosted, their dash is changed to a teleport, and they teleport towards the direction they are sprinting. Melee attacks are now done with blasts of golden lightning, increasing their range and damage. The user's block animation is also changed to them creating translucent, golden circles with patterns on their hands.

Pressing C while holding down right-click causes the user to create a transparent, green bubble around them as well as a translucent, green circle with patterns in front of them, freezing targets within the area. Being attacked while in this state causes the user to recover the health lost when the ability was first used. This ability uses 35,000 Chi and has a cooldown of 35 seconds.

Pressing Q while this mode is activated causes the user to create a glass pyramid around themselves, firing green beams towards targets trapped, dealing damage multiple times. This ability uses 25,000 Chi and has a cooldown of 20 seconds.



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