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A wealthy country with hidden darkness.

-Location Description

The Tempest Village, also known as Tempest, is one of the thirteen locations a player can currently spawn at in Shindo Life.


The Tempest Village is a highly industrialised village located above a large lake and surrounded by islands and mountains, with its infrastructure consisting of tall towers and pipelines. It bears resemblance to the Storm Village, but is more vibrant with colors and greenery. Additionally, unlike the Storm Village, the Tempest Village has NPCs that offer missions, a Ramen Shop where players can restore their Hunger, and training logs. A wide bridge connects the Tempest Village to a large island with fences and training logs.

Scroll Spawns

Name Image Requirements Rarity Spawn Time Detailed Location Location Image
Rab Tailed Spirit LVL: [700]

CHI: [5,000]

RYO: [6,000,000]

1/15 4:20 AM/PM On the water outside of the Tempest Village. RabLocation.png
Toad Cursed Spirit LVL: [950]

CHI: [5,000]

RYO: [3,000,000]

1/250 1:20 AM/PM On a platform under the balcony of a tower. ToadCursedLocation.png
Cobra Stretch Mode LVL: [600]

NIN: [0]

RYO: [0]

1/60 7:45 AM/PM On a mountain outside of the Tempest Village. CobraStretchModeLocation.jpg
Snake Summon LVL: [370]

NIN: [900]

RYO: [4,000,000]

1/120 3:35 AM/PM On the water outside of the Tempest Village. Snake Summon Location.jpg
Toad Summon LVL: [370]

NIN: [900]

RYO: [4,000,000]

1/80 11:20 AM/PM Near the foot of a large hill in the outskirts of the Tempest Village. ToadSummonLocation.png

Name Image Requirements Rarity Spawn Time Detailed Location Location Image
Heaven Blade Heaven Blade.png LVL: [760]

TAI [2,500]

RYO [2,500,000]

1/60 4:15 AM/PM On an island near the Tempest Village's bridge. HeavenBladeLocation.png
Pika Blade PikaBlade.png LVL: [950]

TAI [3,200]

RYO [500,000]

1/70 8:32 AM/PM Between two hills on a larger hill to the right of the river that runs through the island the Tempest Village Bridge is connected to. PikaBladeLocation.png
Riser Akuma Blade RiserAkumaBlade.png LVL: [720]

TAI [500]

RYO [700,000]

1/80 7:44 AM/PM To the far left of the island connected to the Tempest Village bridge. RiserBladeLocation.png

Every companion can spawn in the Tempest Village via Boss Missions.

Name Image Rarity Obtain Method Ryo Spawn Time Detailed Location Location Image
PTS Deva PTSDeva.png 1/30 Scroll Spawn TBA 6:10 AM/PM TBA TBA


  • Like Ember 250 YC, this location has Story Missions and a Ramen shop like a normal village, but lacks a place to rank up.
  • Tempest is stated by the developers to be a richer part of Storm.
  • The Story Missions are re-used from Ember Village.
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